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This is a geothermal heatpump in cooling.

This is a geothermal heatpump in cooling

1. The Fan blows air over the Evaporator Coil, cooling the Conditioned Air Space and warming the refrigerant Gas. (Purple) Moving warm air out of your house and through the Evaporator Coil absorbing the heat into the refrigerant Gas.
2. The Compressor compresses the refrigerant Gas (The Gas that absorbed heat from the warm air circulating through house), causing it to become very hot and under high-pressure, and moves it into the Reversing Valve. (Red)
3. If the system thermostat is set to cooling, then the Reversing Valve moves the hot high-pressure refrigerant Gas into the Condenser Coil (Tube-In-A-Tube Heat Exchanger). (Red)
4. As the hot Gas flows through the outside tube of the Condenser Coil the water flowing through the inside tube of the Condenser Coil, heating the water and cooling the refrigerant Gas., and the gas condenses into its liquid form as it cools. (Pink)
5. When the cooled refrigerant Liquid goes through the Expansion Valve, the liquid evaporates back into its gaseous form in the Evaporator Coil and gets very in the evaporation process. (Blue)
Then the process starts over again. And thats how geothermal heating works!

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Geothermal heatpump in cooling diagram